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Retina Institute of Michigan

Patients in the greater Detroit area trust Retina Institute of Michigan in Bingham Farms, Michigan, for the very best medical and surgical retina care. They offer a wide range of comprehensive services including screening and monitoring of retinal disease, diabetic eye care, treatment for flashes and floaters, care for macular disorders like macular pucker and macular holes, macular degeneration treatment, vitreoretinal surgery, intravitreal injections, laser surgery, and more.

Retina Institute of Michigan is a small practice with a family-like feel. The dedicated team understands that many patients are dealing with complex and difficult eye health problems, and they emphasize compassion and maximum comfort at all times.

Patients travel from all over the state to get their care from the best specialist in the field, Anu Patel, MD. Most treatment for retinal diseases can be performed on-site with flexible scheduling for additional patient convenience. The Retina Institute of Michigan team is currently welcoming new patients to their office in Bingham Farms.

Retina Institute of Michigan
31500 Telegraph Road, Suite 005
Bingham Farms, MI 48025
Phone: 248-236-5855
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