Q: Can I eat before my appointment?

A: Yes, you may eat before your appointment and it is recommended you do so, especially if you are diabetic.


Q: Can I fill out forms before I come to my appointment?

A: Yes, you can download and fill out forms prior to your appointment. Feel free to mail, email, or fax them in:

31500 Telegraph Road, Suite 005

Bingham Farms, MI 48025

Fax: 248-621-0201

Email: info@retinaMI.com


Q: Do I need a driver?

A: It is not required, but some patients do not feel comfortable driving after dilation. It is up to you if you feel safe to drive with your eyes dilated.


Q: Do I need a referral to be seen at your office?

A: Most of our patients come to us from their primary eye doctor, but it is not always necessary to have another physician refer you to be seen here. If your insurance company requires a referral to see a specialist, then you will need to obtain a referral from your Primary Care Physician prior to your appointment.


Q: How long is the appointment?

A: You can expect your first appointment with us to last anywhere from one to three hours. Your individual time may vary and is based on your eye condition and testing that may need to be performed. Our medical team can often evaluate, test, diagnose and treat you all on the same day. As a result, an initial comprehensive evaluation, with or without treatment, could last anywhere from two to four hours.


Q: Do I need to bring my eye drops?

A: If you are taking any eye drops it is helpful to bring the bottle to your appointment so that we may see exactly what medicine you are using and the strength.


Q: Do I need to bring my glasses?

A: Yes, you should wear your current eyeglass prescription when you come for your appointment.


Q: Do I need to bring my medicines?

A: You do not need to bring the medicine bottle, but we do request a list of the medications and specific dosage that you are currently taking. This list should include prescriptions, supplements, vitamins and over-the-counter medicines.


Q: Will my eyes be dilated?

A: Yes, you can expect both eyes to be dilated.


Q: How long will the dilation last?

A: The dilation drops usually last from 4 to 8 hours.


Q: Is there a way to reverse the dilation?

A: No, we are not able to reverse the dilation after your exam.


Q: Will my eyes be dilated every visit?

A: Yes, in order for our physicians to perform a complete retina exam, it will be necessary to dilate your eyes at each visit.


Q: Can you give me a new glasses prescription?

A: Since our office specializes in problems of the retina, we do not perform refractions (measurement for eyeglass prescriptions) during our appointments and are unable to write you a new glasses prescription.


Q: Can you do my cataract surgery?

A: Our physicians do not perform cataract surgery. Your ophthalmologist may be able to perform cataract surgery or refer you to someone who can. If you do not have an ophthalmologist besides our team, we can refer you to a cataract surgeon.


Q: Will I have surgery on the same day as my appointment?

A: We are able to do some procedures (e.g. lasers and injections) in our office, however depending on your type of problem, we may need to schedule and perform surgery in an outpatient surgical center.


Q: Will I have to pay for my visit?

A: We will submit your charges for your visit to your insurance company on your behalf, however, you will need to pay your copay on the day of your appointment. If you do not have insurance, you will be expected to pay on the day of your appointment.


Q: What if I have questions about my bill?

A: Call our billing service. They will be better able to answer your specific questions regarding how your unique insurance interacts with our charges.


Q: How is my information kept safe?

A: Wondering how your health information can be used and disclosed? Wondering what rights you have to your own medical record? Download our Notice of Privacy Practices and see our commitment to protecting your protected health information.


Q: How can I access my medical records?

A: Please contact our office to sign a release of medical records and we can print and mail them to you at your convenience.


Q: Any unanswered questions?

A: Contact us or write down what other questions you have and bring them to your appointment.